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My team and I have one purpose and that is to help artists and artist managers like you make money with your music online, immediately.

That’s our main focus because it’s common sense – an artist survives only off of generating revenue.

So our focus is to help you maximize revenue while at the same time creating a music brand that allows you to create time freedom as well.

We do this by following our 4-pillar system…


We will help you establish and optimize your strong foundation to allow you to have a long-term music profitable and sustainable careers.


We teach you how to properly grow and nurture your fan base without being spammy, salesy or sleazy.


We will help you create winning offers and generate new revenue streams tailored to your goals.


We all know this is a numbers game, which is why we will help you scale your music business through exposure.

Are you currently using Clickfunnels, Kajabi, and a handful of other tools?

Introducing SuperFan Track, our all-in-one digital marketing and CRM tool perfect for record label owners, music managers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs.

Artist Relations Internship

Want to discover new talent and have the opportunity to work with them?

Want to grow your network with managers, artists and other music professionals?

If this sounds exciting to you, then you gotta apply to our Artist Relations internship program!

As a former A&R for a label under Sony Music, I started as an intern as well.

I'm pretty sure we all do.

It doesn't matter how you start, what matters is where you end up.

If you want to learn what I learned and how we are helping artists make money first hand, click the button below and submit your application today :)

Together, we are the NEW music industry.

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