Grow Your Fan Base Bootcamp

The Grow Your Fan Base Bootcamp is our entry-level program for artists, music influencers, and artist managers that are just getting started with their music career – or perhaps are a little nervous about doing business with us.

We get it, that’s why we created a program that starts at $47. This program shares the #1 strategy we use to help artists grow, nurture and monetize their fan bases. Whether you have money for ads or not, it doesn’t matter, we show you step-by-step how to get the process started.

StartUp Artist

The StartUp Artist is our #1 automated online course. This course includes some of our top strategies that we teach our accelerator clients, just without the live coaching and support.

So, if you don’t think you’re ready for our accelerator then this is a great solution to get you on the path to dominating online with your music.

The startup artist is perfect for new artists, aspiring managers, and aspiring a&r's.

Music Influencer

Discover how you can grow your fan base by becoming a music influencer!

Coming Soon!

Super Fan Club Accelerator

The SFC Accelerator is 100% about helping you dominate your music career. We do this by inserting you into our success ecosystem where you have access to our private mastermind area, our group coaching mastermind sessions, and community support.

The accelerator is perfect for emerging artists, managers, and record label owners.

Note: We do not accept just anyone into Accelerator. If you’d like to learn more and possibly apply, click the button below…

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